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Build a powerful personal brand that inspires trust and a company brand that drives loyalty.

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Founders, you're the driving force behind your company's success. But in today's competitive market, a winning strategy requires more than just a great product. You need a powerful personal brand that commands attention and a cohesive company brand that resonates with your audience. BrandDog is your loyal partner.

What We Do

We help executives like you become well-known thought leaders, crafting compelling personal narratives that build trust, attract top talent, and turn investors into raving fans. Our process refines your company brand, ensuring all your messaging works together for maximum impact.

Time Constraints?

We understand. We'll tailor a content strategy that fits your busy schedule, amplifying both your personal brand and your company's voice without overwhelming workloads.

Messaging Confusion?

We clear the fog. We ensure your personal and corporate narratives align seamlessly, creating a strong, unified brand message that connects with your audience.

Content Challenge?

We generate ideas. Our team of content creators crafts scroll-stopping, audience-specific content that establishes you as an expert and positions your company as a leader in the field.

Perceived Small?

We fix that. We create a cohesive, well polished perception that will boost your reputation and level the playing field with your larger competitors.

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Blueprint to Lead The Pack

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Coordinated Content Strategy

Build a strategic roadmap to coordinate all the interactions and posts between your personal and corporate profiles to maximize impact.

Content Interviews

Conduct interviews to learn your unique perspective and expertise, allowing us to bring your voice to life online.

Weekly Posts

Post weekly high quality social media content to the most impactful platforms for your brand, optimized for performance.


Craft compelling long-form content that dives deep into industry trends and positions you as a thought leader.

Case Studies

Showcase the success of your work through data-driven case studies that illustrate the value you deliver to clients.

Community Engagement

Cultivate vibrant online communities around your brand by fostering meaningful conversations and interactions with your audience.


Provide personalized guidance and support to help you develop your content creation skills and achieve your online goals.

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Growth Services

Thunderous Applause


For years, Matt has been my go-to marketing resource. His team's knack for fine-tuning our brand and breathing life into our social media presence has been crucial for our growth.

B Patel, Green Harvest Capital


We have seen immediate traction in the changes we have made as result of BrandDog’s efforts and could not be happier with the level of service they provide. It’s been a fun, collaborative and refreshing experience.

Jesse Rathner, Van Aken District

A Note From Our Founder


I launched this agency to help likeminded founders enhance brand perceptions and punch above their weight.

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Matt Soble, Founder

Become a Double Threat

Attract investors, talent, and customers with a personal brand that inspires trust and a company brand that drives loyalty.

Amplify Your Company's Voice

Your strong personal brand becomes a megaphone for your company, boosting brand awareness and market dominance.

Save Time to Focus on Growth

Focus on what you do best – leading your company – while we handle the content creation that fuels both your personal success and your company's rise to the top.

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At BrandDog, we don't just build websites and social media plans - we build powerful tools for measurable business growth. Tell us your goals and we'll craft a custom strategy that gets results.